Monday, March 23, 2009

The Busy Week Ahead

So much is happening at one time I don't even know where to begin! Sometimes it helps to write it out...look at it a day at a time...and don't be so overwhelmed! So here it goes!

Monday...Jack has t-ball practice tonight. While Ari and I stay home nursing our runny noses, hopefully Jack will learn that as you are running to the do not stop and play with the chalk line.

Tuesday...Drop off Jack and school and then Ari and I head over to ZUMBA class at in Woodstock, GA. SO much fun...and I can't wait!

Then...Yippee! Grandma and grandpa arrive from Buffalo!

Wednesday...get LOTS of errands done while Grandma babysits. Oh...and it's Arianna's 2nd birthday! I can't believe it! (That's one of the first first pictures of Jack and Ari together and a picture taken last month!) End the day with drawing at Shane's studio - we're working from the two live female models again (I'll bring my mom to draw with us...that'll be my first opportunity to embarrass her this week...or will it be the other way around?)
Thursday...Back to Zumba class! I'll bring my mom to case you're keeping track...this will be my second chance to embarrass my mom this week...or will it be the other way around?

Friday...Kickboxing class...I like my mother a little too much to subject her to the torture of this class...she and Ari can hang out at home! I hope I make it thru class! And I think Hubby and i will have a well deserved date-night (oh yeah - today's Monday...I hereby declare my undying love for my husband! And he really deserves it this week - he turned all of his own white socks right-side-out so that I didn't have to do it on laundry day. I really love that man)
Saturday...FINALLY spend some time at the tour home in Milton where I have some of my pastel portraits on display. I'll be there all day selling my art and working on a portrait - come and watch me paint! The house is GORGEOUS and all the money goes to a great cause! The Homestead Presented by the Roswell Women's Club

Sunday...big birthday party for my sweet girl!


Linda Hammelman said...

Busy but balanced! You are going to have a wonderful week. I personally am wishing for a clone or two to take over for me.

Anonymous said...

All this exercise talk makes me tired! Hope you and Ari feel better. Sick on your birthday stinks!

Tina said...

You do such beautiful drawings. Hope you are getting to feeling better. There really does seem to be a lot going around lately...

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to breath,Krystyna!

Krystyna81 said...

Thanks for all the well wishes - we are working thru our colds! Running out of Kleenex, but hanging in there.

Ari's officially 2 yrs old today...where has the time gone?!?

Pegi said...

OOOOOPS! Sorry,Ari!!! Happy Birthday to you, sweetie!! And, Jack, you can keep the one I left before AND a new one when it's REALLY your birthday! Thats 2!!
Is this the kind of week you're talking about, Krystyna? :D