Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ants on my Peony Flowers. I guess that's OK!

Three years ago I planted peonies in my back yard...hoping against my terrible track record in the garden that they would survive!   They are doing very well - last year they were covered in beautiful blooms, big pink and white flowers.

I noticed last year that ants were ALL over the buds! I thought for sure an ant colony was living in that flower bed. This year...they're back! We had about ten days of warm weather and the peonies shot up about 18 inches - and the ants are here!

I asked about this at my local nursery - what could I do to remove the ants from my peony buds? The gentleman recommended regular ant killer sprinkled around the base.  Then I mentioned the problem at my bunco group.  My neighbor nearly jumped out her chair and said "NO - it's ok! They are eating the sweet wax on the flower!"

Well, she's right! Apparently ants enjoy eating the sweet waxy coating over the buds.

So I have relented and allowed the ants to enjoy their buffet...and look forward to the beautiful blooms :)


Michelle said...

I didn't know they were eating the wax, but I know that our peonies ALWAYS had ants everywhere -- just on the peonies, not on anything else nearby -- it just seemed to be how it was supposed to be... I agree -- leave them be!

Nika said...

If the ants don't eat the wax off, the Peonies can't bloom.