Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Watercolors from the Live Female Model

Our Thursday evening figure drawing group decided to work form two long poses last week, and I worked in watercolor on Aquaboard.  This time, I started sketching with watercolor pencils, then added watercolor washes over the drawings.

I like the gestures of her hands and the turn of her head.  The red drapery was beautiful and captured a lot of warmth.  This photo is not as dark as the original, but even so, I do need to go back and add some more color to the background.  I'll just add it to the pile of paintings that need to be finished!

I really liked this pose.  So simple, but with beautiful shadow shapes on her back.  It's almost an afterthought that she is nude.  It feels very natural, very peaceful.  I'm pretty happy with this painting as it is.  I worked back and forth painting with watercolor and drawing with watercolor pencils.


luigi bluoso said...

Hai ben ragione di essere soddisfatta, infatti sono proprio due bei lavori! Ciao.

Krystyna81 said...
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Krystyna81 said...

Luigi...just translated your message

"You have good reason to be satisfied, in fact I own two beautiful work! Hello."

I am so honored. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi..Actually he said :

"You are right to be satisfied.Actually they are very good jobs..