Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Painting in Watercolor. Finishing several pieces!

I have really been enjoying working with watercolor from the live model, but I don't always finish the piece during our drawing session.  Sometimes, I work without a photo reference, like when I finished these two pieces.

I had enough established in the figure where I could go back and add additional shadows or color or high-lights.

Other times, I am lucky enough to get a good start, AND a photograph to work from at a later time.

This is the painting from the live model  I was trying to finish today.

I first worked on covering all the areas that were still very light or white - like the drapery and the table she was sitting upon.  I want the nightgown to feel very crisp and light against the deeper colors.  I am also trying to keep the pallette "antique" looking - creams, umbers, grey-blue.  It's coming together, I like taking a break and taking photos - it helps me to see what I need to work on.

Not quite done yet (and I appologize for the large letters!) I don't quite know what to do with the table area - how much detail to put under the drapery.  I'm happy with the blue drapery and all of the color I am bringing into her nightgown.  I'm also liking her hair and bun.  What I want to keep working on is pushing the value range and establishing the light source.

I will keep you posted!  Hopefully I'll be able to concentrate a little more tomorow...today Jack was sitting next to me, painting, eating, slurping hot cocoa, making butterflies, squashing play-doh...all the while giving a running commentary of what each activity was doing (it was a singing commentary to boot.)  If anyone is pouring, I'm drinking.


Anonymous said...

these are lovely! You've got a lot of talent

Silver said...


Abhilash Dey said...

Grand !

I prefered the second from the Top (certainly I dare not eclipse the other one's, a work of Beauty is a Joy forever for sure)....soothing enuff, Ma'am.
I'm so into yur 'stile'