Thursday, April 29, 2010

Watercolors from the live nude model (a few days late!)

Somehow I forgot to share these lovely watercolors from last week!  So a quick post to catch up...

The left side of our model was closer to the light, creating areas of high contrast and harder shadows, while the right side was fading into the shadows, so I only focused on defining the left side.  I think its tricky to work in a hat and make it work!  Sometimes it feels cartoonish. 

I am liking this soft and sensual pose...everything except for the treatment of the face! I need a little more, or a little less, information...I need to resolve it!

I forced myself to start with olive/sap green instead of my usual pink and purple that I normally use when I draw from this lovely model!  I like the layers of green under orange under purple.


Abhilash Dey said...

You wrote, with due Respect I quote,
"Somehow I forgot to share these lovely watercolors from last week!"
....and I solemnly and humbly Believe, such a nice piece of lovely watercolors, no doubt, there can be no question, Ma'am!
Regards and my best compliments...loved yur watercolor! all of 'em!

Obhilaash, a Mere Learner

Barbara said...

Your work is lovely and filled with expression.