Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pastel Life Drawing. Gesture and longer poses.

Last night our very lucky figure drawing group got to work with a new model to us.  She was just fabulous! 
We started with some wonderful gesture poses, 2-5 minutes long.  I was working on a textured piece of tan paper, and I used one dark and one white piece of Nupastel to block in the shadows and highlights.

For the longer pose, I ended up working from two different vantage points (couldn't hog the beautiful view all night!)  The first one I started was very colorful.  It's not resolved yet (the lighting scheme isn't very strong yet, and I need to pull the colors together) but I am liking the bold look!

She had the most beautiful neck!

Next I perched up a little higher, sitting on a corner staircase, going back to the tan pastel paper and two pieces of Nupastel.

The wrist feels a little awkward, but other than that I like it!  I am questioning whether or not I should indicate a little bit more of the pole she was holding on to, so that her suspended arm does not feel so odd.

You can see more of my figure drawings in my Fine Art on Etsy Shop.


Anonymous said...

middle management,
my ambition remission,
- study of the nude

Abhilash Dey said...

Indeed, a "beautiful and elegant" neck she's bestowed with, and besides, I can not Forbear mentioning your awfully Captivating if She's breathing Sketches!