Friday, July 2, 2010

Drawing a Male and Female Model Together

Our figure drawing group here in GA has had several weeks of fantastic we rewarded ourselves with another wonderful night of drawing two live models.  And not just any two models...two FABULOUS models (I know...I say that ALL the time...but I really mean it!)

We started out with a short series of 5 minute gestures, which seems like a long time for one model, but with two it's quite tricky! Especially when both models really put a lot of effort into making the pose interesting from every angle.

Here's a gesture drawing - my favorite pose! - where the male model sat, cross-legged and hunched over, and the female model arched herself back-to-back, making a gorgeous line. (SO excited...I was actually permitted to take a photo of this pose, soo you may see a more resolved drawing in the future!)

Then we moved on to the long pose for the evening.  One thing that makes our male model so awesome is that he is super professional...and really prides himself on finding great poses to incorporate into his pose repetoir (hmmm...I shouldn't use words that I can't spell...) Anyway, he brought some great photo references for pose ideas, and with the female model and a little direction from the artists, they set up in a fantastic pose.

I'm just going to post the progress shots as I worked in Nupastel on a purple sheet of Colourfix paper...
(I love seeing how other artists approach drawing from the same models!)

(I started with medium to dark tones, then slowly added the lighter skin tones.  I love working on a toned surface!)

And a few other shots of what was happening around the art studio...

I was really impressed with how everyone approached the pose, which was complex.  The scale and color choices were all wonderful!

Shane working with a wonderful technique...watercolor first, then draw on top!

And here is my drawing of the two models together...I want to resolve a few areas, especially making the connection between the two model a little stronger by developing her hand on his shoulder.

You can see more of my drawings from the live model in my Fine Art on Etsy shop! 
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Anonymous said...

Your work is absolutely stunning! I am awestruck by those who have the ability to capture the human body on paper as well as you do - I enjoy seeing the development process too, as you show here.

Thanks so much for sharing - Great blog!

Andrew said...

A beautiful set of drawings and paintings. Kudos to everyone on both sides of the easel.

robin said...


Liza Myers said...

You have such mastery of light and shadow and form. Wow! Hope you can get past the google snafu.
Gorgeous work!