Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finalists Announced for the Hudgens Prize

I was one of 369 artists in Georgia who applied for a unique opportunity - the Hudgens Prize.  Well I've been holding my breath, and hoping, for the last couple of months...but did not get selected.  Oh well! These things happen.  But I am inspired by the group of artists they have chosen, each of whom seems to have a distinct voice and opinion.  (Although, I was certain they said 10 artists would be selected, only 5 were chosen). There work had to clearly speak to the jurors, for it was only judged by images - there was no written portion of the application (which I found very strange for such a large prize of $50,000)

But I encourage you to check out their work!  Best of luck to each of you.

Ruth Dusseault of Atlanta (this was the only article I could find on her work)
Hope Hilton of Winterville
Gyun Hur of Marietta
Scott Ingram of Atlanta
Jiha Moon of Atlanta


Jackie said...

I think your work is so amazing . I love the color and the lines so much . I love the way you capture the human form . Some of my favorites are the ones of the faceless models .I'm sorry you didn't get selected . Your work speaks to me:)

Krystyna81 said...

Thank you Jackie! As a friend wrote on my FB wall...it's not a rejection, it's a challenge. I'm going to use this opportunity to push myself further :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, the prospectus stated there would be five to ten finalists. Looking forward to the finalists show opening on November 30th!

Krystyna81 said...

Anon...yes! you are correct...I saw that stipulation on the site after I posted this. I wish they had selected 10. There are several incredible artists that I know personally that would have been amazing additions. In general, I think the selections reflected more of the NY art scene than the GA art scene, and it could have been more well-rounded as far as representing a broader range of artists. Traditional artists have merit, too.

Anonymous said...

krystyn, I had hope for more diversity as well but the decision was solely up to the judges. I think the folks at the Hudgens were rather brave to open the competition to all visual media and give the jury full authority. I understand that all the entrants will be represented during the exhibition through a slide presentation and certainly our
Georgia diversity will be evident there.

jeanne said...

i'm with you on being suspicious of the hudgens prize. they did announce 10 and only pick 5; i thought that was funny, but if they were expecting 1000 artists and only 400 entered i would imagine they told the jurors not to bother.

i don't like the art of the finalists, and won't be going just to see good art in a slide show. i've written about my doubts about their finances, and why it's anonymous.

and i think they ignored honest, unpretentious, practical artists, such as yourself, because they were looking to be snooty enough to make the int'l art scene, or some silly other hidden agenda.