Thursday, March 12, 2009

Photographing a Dark Drawing, Getting a Better Value Range in Your Photograph

Drawings or paintings that have a narrow value range are often hard to photograph - ones that are overall grey can be almost impossible to capture all the subtle variations.

I just wanted to show you the best set-up for taking a photo of a piece like this drawing.

Give your camera a good value range to read - and try to put that range in the center of the camera (for my digital camera, I cannot press "half-way" and then MOVE the focus to take the picture - I have to just snap the picture.
So I need my value range right in the middle of the shot)

I did try with the value range set further apart - this was not as successful.

Taking photos of your art can be a big challenge - thankfully with digitial we have the freedom to explore and see the results instantly!

Click on the tag "photographing art" to see other examples.


Anonymous said...

hey those are some cool ideas, thanks for the pointers!

Anonymous said...

I just love the pastels on the colored background. Amazing what you can do in 2 hours!