Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blog2Print - Have you tried it? I did!

A few months back I noticed an ad for "Blog2Print" and thought -"AWESOME! I need to do that!"  I had just ordered a book from Snapfish for my husband for Christmas that had a bunch of pictures from our Anniversary trip to Rome.  While I was please with the book, I didn't put all of the pictures in, nor did I include as much information as I had put on my blog where I had already posted a day-by-day diary/recap of our trip.

(on the left is my hard cover Snapfish book, on the right is the soft cover Blog2Print book)
David had mentioned that we should really try and print out my blog since I had included such a great, detailed re-cap of our trip.  But I couldn't figure out HOW to do it!  Until Blog2Print came along.

Now, the first time I tried it, I never actually ordered a book.  You had to upload a "range" of posts by date.  So, when I put in my dates from the first Italy entry to the last, unfortunatly there was one entry that didn't belong.  I couldn't figure out how to eliminate just one post.

Then, about a month ago, Blog2Print sent out a notice that they had added NEW features - including the ability to selectively delete posts! Awesome! Now I could JUST print out the Italy entries.

(inside the Snapfish book, I mostly included pictures.  Blog2Print I imported photos AND text!)
Building the book was super easy.  I just enterred the name of my blog, selected the date range I wanted to print, eliminated specific posts, selected a title, a dedication page, and images for the front.  My only issue was the fact that I couldn't figure out how to change the image on the back cover.

I ordered my book and it arrived SUPER fast!  I am so glad that David and I now have this wonderful momento of our trip.

I am looking forward to trying out Blog2Prints other features.  I'd love to print out my blog entries by subject - drawing in pastel, paintings in progress, drawing techniques, etc.  I would also like to play with how the book is organized when it is printed - changing the size of the photos, making sure the correct text lines up with the correct photo, etc.

I can imagine that families who have a blog would LOVE to be able to produce a book each year, or an author would love a book of their blog, or a recipe blog would be a FABULOUS book in print!

Have fun making your book!


Dora Sislian Themelis said...

That's really cool!

Pegi said...

I would LOOOOOOVVVE for you to print out the blog. You are inspirational, easy to understand and I'd buy copies!!!