Friday, April 23, 2010

Custom Figure Drawing in Charcoal. Commission complete!

I loved working on this custom drawing request! I put the final touches on this week, using a couple of my favorite tools and techniques.

This is one of my favorite tools for drawing with charcoal - it's actually an eraser that you use for erasing type.  On one of the old-fashioned ribbon typewriters! It's even got the little blue plastic brush on the end.  I don't even know if you can buy them any more...but there's probably something else out there by way of a detail eraser.

I use the eraser pencil to pull out the smallest hi lights on the fingers and in the hair.

In other areas, where I wanted to soften shadows, I used paper towel.  Occassionally I use my finger tips, but that can tend to leave oils behind and you may not be able to remove all the charcoal that you intend to remove.

The final piece! 

You can see more samples of my figure drawings in my Fine Art on Etsy shop!