Saturday, April 10, 2010

New pastel drawings from the live model. Classic and modern.

Lucky, lucky me...I got to draw from a (new to me!) model on Wednesday evening.  Lovely model - she had beautiful hand gestures, great poses, wonderful "stage presence".  She also had quite a few tattoos, but I decided not to include those because I wanted to focus on her beautiful figure.

The lighting was wonderful - the light and shadows were very well defined.  Cast shadows were crisp and dark, shadows on her form were soft and deep.

The paper is a cool, light blue, and I had started with light purple and blues to define her over-all shape.  As I added more colors, I think it got cooler, not warmer.  The tricky thing was that I was in a dark corner and couldn't see my colors very well.  Now that I have it home, I think I will layer a bit more color over the drawing.

I loved this alternative view from the corner of the studio!  I was actually sitting on a corner staircase, slightly above the other artists, and again the lighting was strong and dynamic.  This is a mint colored paper, but not bright - kind of a cross between mint and grey.  I used only a couple of colors, focusing on capturing the beautiful, full shapes of her breasts, legs, and hips, not worrying if everything was to scale or drawn perfectly.

It feels fresh and modern, and I love the variety of drawing techniques I used to capture her figure.

You can see more drawings of the female nude model in my Fine Art on Etsy shop!


Anna K. said...

You have a great way of capturing the human figure! Love those drawings!

Lrc said...

Wonderful color combinations! Its great to get to work with a good model.

StormcrowNaturePreserve said...

These are beautiful! Oh my! So gorgeous!

Krystyna81 said...

Thank you for all the kind comments! Yes, I am VERY lucky. I get to do what I love to do...what I think I was meant to do. I shall try not to ever take it for granted!