Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back to watercolor!! Figure Drawing with watercolor pencils.

Hello blog...have you missed me?   Summer vaction has been crazy!  Kids have been great so far, but time to paint, draw, and update the computer seems to be hard to find!  Luckily we have our Figure Drawing group EVERY Wednesday night this summer, and that's such a great time to work and connect with other artists!

Last night the lovely Miss C posed beautifully for us (such a wonderful stage presence!)  She really knows how to use the light and make a pose look great from every vantage point.

We did a 30 minute pose first.  I sketched with watercolor pencil, then softened it with water wash.   This particular pencil was new to me, and there was more pigmnet than I thought - so it turned out darker than I anticipated.  But I like the look so far, and I was lucky enought to get a reference photo - I may add some more layers of color and definition, especially in the shadows.

Our long pose was equally lovely, and I liked how she occupied the chair, and how the drapery worked so well with the pose.  This is also watercolor pencil, but not as intense as the first drawing. 

And a few shots from around the room!  I love seeing how different artists approach the same figure...


Unknown said...

Fabulous! I love seeing the other pictures around the room as well. Thank you for sharing your experience and beautiful work!

Caroline Peña Bray said...

I particularly like the variety of colours in the second figure, but both are always :)

Krystyna81 said...

thank you both :) I love sharing the whole experience - I hope it encourages others to get out there and find a figure drawing group!

Not only is it good for the artists, but with so many art programs/classes being cut, I like knowing we are hiring great models and giving them some work!