Saturday, June 19, 2010

My daughter and her wild color choices. I'm so proud.

Watching my kids draw and paint is always an enjoyable and surprising activity.  Kids tend to be bold with color choices and mark-making, they have a sense of what they want to create but aren't focused on making it "right".  Most of the time, as long as you pull away the paper before everything turns to "mud" you get some great little abstract pieces!

Ari and I were drawing on the driveway yesterday (in spite of the incredible heat and humidity here in GA!) and I just loved her colorful depiction of Me that she colored.  In fact I think it's the same pallette of fuscias, orange, deep blue and a touch of light green that I used the other night in my figure drawing!

I hope I can keep drawing like a child :)


Tati said...

Oh, what a nice inspiration!
"keep drawing like a child" - I wrote that in my to-do-notepad. :D

By the way, that's a cool palette!

Your kids are lovely... and cute! Yesterday I watched the videos of your YouTube channel... My fav is they playing at the mini-kitchen. :D


FoundVintageStyle said...

I know what you mean- a child's art can be so spontaneous and 'right'- that is, before they go too far and obliterate what they have created!

I read your Storque article today and loved it! So interesting how your talent was inherited and then, of course, developed by your hard work~
Love your art- there is so much life in your portraits...

Krystyna81 said...

Tati...thank you! They are cute...most of the time! Jack was just painting with me in the studio today - I should post his latest masterpiece!

Krystyna81 said...

FoundVintage...thank you! That storque article meant a lot to me, sharing the story. I'm so glad you liked it!

Kids make the most interesting marks and paint with such gusto. I force myself to "stay out of it" as much as possible - just give them a limited pallete, a few tools, and take the piece away before it gets TOO loaded with paint :)