Friday, June 25, 2010

Working in my studio. The hours fly by!

Thank goodness for summer camp this week!  Found a few hours in my studio to finish up a couple of drawings and start a commission project for a new client.

These lovely drawings that were started in my friend's garden were finally resolved...added some more color, defined a few moments, but still tried to maintain the light, colorful, and fresh feeling from the first day.

(I joked that this one of her looking over the bridge should be called "Koi-centration"...another friend suggested "Pond-erology"...let's just say the search for a title continues :)

And I started this beautiful drawing, also from a photo taken that day in the garden.  Our fabulous model noticed a bright beam of light hitting a large rock, and perched herself up there, catching not only the beautiful natural light, but a wonderful glow from the drapery beneath her.

This large mixed media drawing is 24" x 36", on watercolor paper that is mounted to foam core.  It's going in a beautiful bathroom with some white marble, so I am building up layers of charcoal, paint, and glaze to mimic the layers you find in that natural stone.  It's beautiful in person!  Lot's of texture and interest, but also light and feminine.  It's almost done!

You can view my drawings of the live model in my Fine Art on Etsy shop!


Minji said...

You are an amazing artist!

Kirsten said...

All Beautiful Kristina! I love how your use of color and strokes of paint creat a lively feeling to your paintings.... just fabulous.... Oh and Koicentration works for me.... that's clever... :)

bed frames said...

All your paintings are outstanding and stunning. I love your strokes and colors. They are all very sexy. I hope that you will continue to paint and grow.

Rachna said...

i love your work .... u r very inspiring :)