Thursday, June 17, 2010

Unlocking Creative Genius. Mystery solved!

Our figure drawing group in Woodstock, GA gathered in spite of the loud thunder and threatening clouds.  In fact a rainbow even made an appearance outside our studio window as the sun broke thru the clouds. (I took a photo but forgot to load it onto the'll have to trust me!)

For the long pose our model perched on a tall chair, her shoulder catching the light from an over-head spot light.  There was a very pretty fuscia drape behind her, and some warm reflective light off of the back wall.  Perhaps it was the fact that there was a rainbow outside, or because I was just feeling so funky...I worked with a LOT of color!

I like the weight of the figure, the shift in her shoulders and the warmth in her skin.  I'm not sure about the hands - at one time I had the arm stretched accross her lap, and I liked the twist it implied in her wasteline, but then I went back to the actual pose, with her hand resting on her left thigh.  I may change it again!   And while I like the shape of the hand on our left, the scale is too large - it consfuses the space.  I'd like it to feel further back in space.

But I was having fun :)
I didn't want to over-work the drawing, so for our last 30 minutes or so I did this quick sketch from a different view.  Mostly copying the figure in front of me, I made minor changes to the position of her arm to better fit the composition. 

When the model walked around the room she almost jumped back in shock when she saw my drawing!  Out of the dozen times we've worked together I ALWAYS tend to go towards soft lilacs and pinks when I work in color, capturing her soft skin tones.  I *think* she was happy with the color!

And, as promised, the Key to Creativity.  Our group is always so great about bringing munchies and libations to share.  If you REALLY want to know what makes Artists tick, just check out the food station.

Yup.  Pork Brains and Two Buck Chuck.  Let the Creative Juices Flow!!!


Jennifer said...

Your images are beautiful! I love the color and the figure. I sort of liked the hand confusing the space...I tend to like things like that though. I can't wait to see more of your blog!

(Are those really prok brains!??!? Wow!)

Lrc said...

I love how you are exploring color in these drawings! So many different feelings evoked...and that last pic is funny except I've had some bad experiences with the two buck chuck--its sooo acidy and doesn't go with creamy desserts AT ALL!